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A Guide on How to Implement Sitecore Successfully

Over the past few years, the marketing landscape has changed significantly. Since consumer needs are changing, it is best that you employ the right technology for engaging with them. Therefore, as a marketing professional, you should employ the right marketing technology that will attract more clients to your business. One of the confusing tasks of a marketing professional is deciding on the most suitable tool to adopt. Also, you will need to implement the right marketing technology so that you can attain the desired results. In case you are in search of a marketing tool to adopt in your business marketing activities, you should consider Sitecore. Yes, Sitecore is a powerful marketing tool, but you will only realize the desired results if you implement and use it correctly. In this article, you will find the steps to follow when implementing Sitecore.

Sitecore implementation starts by understanding your needs. In most cases, you will realize that marketers have a list of specific things that they want to achieve, but some seem to be common. Understanding what you want to achieve by adopting Sitecore should entail finding the types of content that suit your needs, such as downloads, blog posts, and testimonials. Based on your choice of content, you should pick the most appropriate content field. After identifying the types of content, you should proceed and make a web form. Online presence is crucial for every business in this digital age since it helps in generative leads. Using Sitecore’s web forms, you will be able to create as many forms as you want. The third step in understanding your needs is investing in analytics. The key behind targeted marketing is knowing your customers. Through analytics, you will be able to know your customers better and pick the most suitable marketing campaigns.

The key to implementing Sitecore successfully is by following the KISS principle. KISS principle focus on simplicity and straightforwardness in the implementation of Sitecore. As you know, data management and integration grow to be complex. Sitecore implementation should not be carried out hurriedly. The reason why Sitecore is regarded as a powerful marketing tool is that it has many features, but you should not try and implement all of them at once. Give priority to highly functional features of Sitecore during implementation.

During the implementation process, you should try and find a way to make your work easier. One of the steps to take is integrating CRM with Sitecore. No doubt, Sitecore is a sophisticated marketing tool. For that reason, training is crucial to ensure the correct use of the marketing tool. Since you will need support and assistance when using Sitecore, you should find the right vendor to help. Using the ideas discussed in this guide, you will find it easy to implement and use Sitecore as a marketing tool.

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