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Key Points When Buying Face Shields

Buying face shields amid a coronavirus pandemic can be a daunting task as many important features need to be considered and can be easily overlooked due to their high demands and variety of choices available in the market. It is very easy for manufacturers to overlook some vital features of the face shield due to their current demand, some of these features may look irrelevant but given the infection rate of the coronavirus every detail should be adhered to, therefore you need to be extra vigilant when buying these face shields especially when you are buying in bulk, you can imagine how many people you can expose to the deadly coronavirus if you purchased substandard face shields, this can make you be held responsible for the damages resulting from the virus. The difficulty in selecting the right face shields normally is a result of inadequate knowledge of features to look for in a reliable face shield to give you more insight we have gathered some information regarding aspects you need to look for to buy a safe and reliable face shield.

The very first thing you need to pay attention to is the user comfort, this is important because you will be wearing the face shield most of the time, therefore, consider things such as shape, size, and designs. Some face shields are meant to be used for few hours and therefore they might not be much comfortable but what you need to know is such face shields are meant for an environment where the transmission rate of the virus is potentially high such as in hospitals and labs, the face shield trade off comfort for safety, therefore, knowing the exact purpose of the face shield you are buying is imperative in selecting the right face shield.

You need to choose a face shield that is made with a highly transparent material that minimizes eye strains, in other words, the face shield should have high optical clarity. The advantage of using a face shield with high optical clarity is that your eyes do not strain much and hence less fatigue which allows you to work more hours without struggling with your eyes, to achieve thigh high-quality transparency the face shield is made from polyethylene terephthalate material with a glycol modification.

Decide whether you require a reusable or disposable face shield, you should also be in a position to tell them apart, for example, a disposable face shield is normally made of light material with a foam that makes it porous and difficult to clean for re-use but a reusable face shield is made of strong, rigid and formless material that makes it easy to clean hence highly reusable. Those are some features you need to look at when buying a face shield.

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